1. Inspiration of the Day: Seth Godin’s Blog – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com

I’m so glad you posted this, Lisa! I have absolutely loved Seth Godin ever since I had the opportunity to hear him speak 2 years ago at the Catalyst conference. I keep up with his blog occasionally, and am constantly inspired by is creative ideas and ideas about leadership. I’m continually being reminded lately of the importance of being extraordinary and refusing to settle for the norm of what everyone else is doing. At The Forum, what really stuck out to me was that leaders need to focus on what they are good at to be truly successful. As this is done, they have the opportunity to truly grow and develop a specific idea or skill into something of excellence, set-apart from all the rest. I love how you related this to PR… it’s so true! PR can be a fast-paced, cluttered career, so it’s important to take the time to step back and focus on doing everything extraordinarily.

2. TOW Week 6 – Newsworthy Stories – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com 

This was a great post! The 5 categories of what makes a story newsworthy were so true. It’s an excellent reminder for me, especially since I am going into the field of Journalism for a career. Now, when I am preparing to write a news story, I will definitely remember these 5 things that make up an excellent news story. The link you posted was really interesting! It was cool to read back on the stories throughout the past year, and I was surprised about how many stories there were that I have forgotten about! However, looking back on the stories, I realized that many of them truly were newsworthy.

3. TOW Week 5 – SuperBowl Ads – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com

This was so funny! Thanks for posting the video. I was surprised that I didn’t actually remember seeing this commercial during the SuperBowl! I really liked it, though… I think it may end up being on my list of favorites now! I think my favorite part was definitely when the chickens were driving in a car on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I believe this ad was successful because of the humor in it, and the fact that it is promoting something free!

4. PR versus Journalists: The War of the Press – http://www.relating2thepublic.wordpress.com

This was a great post! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the certain things that those working in Public Relations can do to annoy Journalists. I know that this post was very beneficial for me to read, since Journalism is the specific field that I want to go into when I graduate. Even though I am not yet working in the field of Journalism, I can already tell that some of these things will annoy me, and do already. Number 6, “Acting like a salesperson,” was probably the most thought-provoking item on the list, in my opinion. As a writer, I know that I will mainly want a Public Relations company to give me the basic idea of what they want written, and give me the freedom to develop a story, rather than trying to sell their idea for me. Also, number 9, “Typos” is something I can definitely relate to as well! I can usually catch typos very easily, and will be turned off immediately if there are many typos in something I am reading.

5. Interview with Public Relations Professional, Krystal Jones – http://www.relating2thepublic.wordpress.com

This was a very interesting post, Mikelle! It was really informative, and I could tell that you were able to put a lot of time and effort into the interview. It was great to hear about what Krystal does on a daily basis in her career as a public relations specialist for Quest Software. I was not surprised to read that there are no typical weeks working in the Public Relations field. I definitely felt that this same point was made during my interview as well! Also, it was interesting to read that the majority of her career was based on networking and making relationships with people, rather than writing a lot of press releases. This was something I did not know before!

6. Big Dreams… Big Dreamer – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com

Thanks for posting this, Lisa! I have absolutely loves getting to know you and hearing more about your dreams the past 2 years. You are amazing! It’s such a blessing to go to Southeastern and have our dreams be so encouraged all the time. I know for myself, being in chapel has encouraged me to dream bigger, and has given me the tools to actually accomplish my dreams. I am so excited to see what God has in store for you in California!

7. My Inspiration – Disney’s Very Own Belle – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com

I love this, Lisa! For many reasons. Belle is my favorite Disney Princess, so I am biased to anything that has to do with her. I remember seeing the live show at Disney World, but I somehow never really heard this quote… but I absolutely love it! Your post really inspired me. I, too, seek adventure and can’t wait to embark on whatever God has for me now, as well as after graduation. This quote really struck my heart, as well. I strive to run relentlessly after opportunities and adventure, and not to be held back by circumstances. I believe God wants us to have this mindset, and have faith that anything is possible. Once He places a passion in our heart for something, He will provide the way for it to happen! I’m so excited to see what you are going to do in the months and years following graduation. Keep me updated!

8. California Dreamin’ – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com

I don’t think words can really express how excited I am for you. Tomorrow is HUGE turning point in your life! I can’t believe that in a few days you’ll actually be going to California… your dream is coming true! I’ll never forget the night we were talking about our mutual love and desire to go to California, and now it is actually happening for you. I can’t wait to go out and visit you!

9. Hello, my name is… – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com

I love the two little pictures in this post! The one on the left is something that is one of my favorite things as well – Starbucks! I know that being in college, my caffeine addiction. I am so blessed to know the Lisa McLaughlin, and have enjoyed getting to know all these things about you. You have inspired me and encouraged me in leadership throughout the years, and I know that we will stay in touch!

10. 48 HR Magazine – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com

Wow, reading about this absolutely blew my mind! How fun would that be, to be a part of the team that actually creates this magazine? I know it would be intense, since I have only produced newsletters before and I am aware of how much time and effort goes into them. I think it’s really cool that people all over the world will be submitting content. What an interesting concept! You should submit something as well, I know I’m considering it!

11. Social Media vs. Traditional Media – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com

This was a very informative and educational post, Lisa! I can see that social media is already beginning to drown out all traditional media outlets, and that social media will soon take precedence. For example, I use my MacBook and cellphone for all media that I use: Social Networking, as well as television shows, and music, and I very rarely, if ever, use traditional media sources, such as radio or television.

12. Ke$sha the Next GaGa? –  http://www.prsocialmedia.wordpress.com

This was such an interesting post! As an unclaimed Lady GaGa fan, I think it is absolutely ridiculous that anyone would say that she can be equated in any way to Ke$ha. Although GaGa is a bit weird, I agree that it works for her, and that she is possibly the millennial version of Madonna. Her uniqueness in style and in sound cannot be matched or compared to any other current musician, in my opinion.

13. Top 10 Things to Remember When Blogging – http://www.creativa410.wordpress.com

This is a great list, Mikelle! I definitely agree with all the items on the list. Before I started blogging this semester, it would have been really helpful to have read something like this! I think your list definitely will help any student that is preparing to venture into the world of blogging. I like how you stressed the importance of blog comments so much – I think this is the best way for students to use blogs to meet people and create important connections.

14. The I-pad….yeah it’s pretty awesome! – http://www.jemolitor.wordpress.com

Over Easter break, I had the opportunity to play around with an iPad for a little bit, since one of my friends had just gotten one. I was not impressed as much as I thought I would be, to say the least. I think it is too similar to the iPhone, and is a waste of money, at least for a college student like me! I won’t deny how amazing the technology is, however… I can’t wait to see what Apple will come up with in 10 years!

15. I feel bad for Kate Gosselin – http://www.jemolitor.wordpress.com

I totally agree! I used to keep up with Jon & Kate Plus Eight all the time… it was one of my favorite shows! However, it was super discouraging when everything started to go downhill for them, and I could tell that is was really affecting the children, especially the older twins. I think reality shows for children are completely inappropriate, and that Jon and Kate will look back on this, regretful of the decisions they made.

16. PR Connection – Fun Ways to Beef Up Your Resume – http://www.jemolitor.wordpress.com

The title of this blog caught my eye since I have been working a lot on my resume over the past semester. I am currently always looking for ways to make my resume better, so I am able to land that dream job! My favorite on this list was to learn a new language. This is something I am determined to do! I would like to be able to be fluent in either Spanish or French someday soon, so I am able to more easily communicate when I travel for missionary journalism.

17. Earth Day, I celebrate you! – http://www.jemolitor.wordpress.com

This was great, Jen! Thanks so much for sharing this. Since I am somewhat of a hippie/nature girl at heart, I love celebrating Earth Day! I think it’s cool that you shared a link for a FaceBook cause… it’s ironic since I was just reading earlier today about how important it is for non-profit organizations to use the “Causes” feature on FaceBook to stir more interest.

18. Meals with Deals – http://www.jemolitor.wordpress.com

I cant tell you how thankful I am that you posted this! Since I am a poor college student, that is usually hungry a lot, it was great to read about the deals that some restaurants are offering! I am looking forward to checking out some of the places that the article featured, and being able to make the most of my money, and get full!

19. Flip Camera – http://www.robeeg.wordpress.com

Hey Rob, I was actually reading some PR posts earlier this week, and found many sources saying that the Flip camera is an excellent investment. It is portable and easy to use, and is always available to capture a moment whenever needed. It doesn’t seem like someone needs to be super tech-savvy to understand how to use it! I am somewhat inspired to go out and get one, or at least whenever I have some extra cash laying around.

20. Abuelo’s? Yes Please!! – http://www.missmollypr.wordpress.com

Wow, Molly… that is amazing! Mexican food is my absolute favorite, so this is SO good to know… I’ll definitely make sure to check this out sometime… if not this semester, definitely next! I’m glad to hear you had so much fun. You’ve been an awesome CL this year and I’m excited for you to be an RD next year! I’ll definitely make sure to drop by and visit, even though I won’t be in Esperanza.

21. Cupcake Crazy – http://www.missmollypr.wordpress.com

I love cupcakes! Thanks for posting this. It seems to me that cupcakes are more of a trendy thing these days, and cupcakes are not traditional like they used to be. Now, there are many different ways to decorate cupcakes, and they can even be gourmet! I think it’s really interesting. Also, I’ve noticed that some weddings are even having cupcakes instead of a regular cake, now. How do you feel about that?

22. Glee Season Show Down – http://www.missmollypr.wordpress.com

I have to honestly say that I have not followed Glee at all, but I am very much wanting to! I have heard nothing but amazing things about it, and I have enjoyed listening to the music from it! I hung out with some friends from Ireland that were in town the other day, and even they are into the Glee phenomenon! Glee’s version of “Don’t Stop Believin'” is even number 1 on the musical charts.

23. My Publics – http://www.missmollypr.wordpress.com

I love #3! Yay for Esperanza! I’m so glad you were my Community Leader this year, it’s been great getting to know you! I’m happy that you’re achieving your dream to be an Resident Assistant next year, I know you’ll do great!

24. Hate Kate? – http://www.brhuis.wordpress.com

Thanks for this post! I was a big fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 when it aired years ago, and I watched it every week. However, as the family situation started to go downhill, I could tell that the show was wearing too much on the children. I wish that they would be out of the public eye, and I don’t think it’s right that they have been subjected to this their whole life.

25. Spring Break! – http://www.relentlessreverie.wordpress.com

I definitely encourage you to attend! I would go next year if it is your Junior year, so you are still able to have a fun Spring Break for your Senior year. That’s what I plan on doing! It’s not too much of a sacrifice to have a shortened Spring Break. I was still able to have an extended weekend with friends before The Forum, so it really worked out well. Even if you aren’t taking it for credit, I still encourage you to attend. There are awesome volunteer positions available for students to be able to hear the speakers, attend luncheons with them, and be in the environment of The Forum without having the extra burden of taking it for a class.