1. Familiarize yourself with WordPress, before even beginning to blog. Since WordPress can be very intimidating at first, allow yourself several days (or weeks, depending on how tech-savvy you are) to become familiar with the ins and outs of WordPress. This way, you’ll be a pro once you actually get a following! ; )

2. Choose a specific topic, and brand yourself. Instead of blogging about 72 different random things, choose a certain topic or category to talk about. This way, you will get specific readers following your blog that are interested in that certain topic, and will most likely remain loyal to you.

3. Comment and subscribe to other blogs. People often only give what they receive. If you would like people to comment on your blog, comment on theirs first! This is the only way to really make contacts and create traffic towards your own blog. Get your name out there!

4. Make the look and feel of your blog unique and attention-grabbing. Create a layout that is not easily overlooked. Rather than staying with the default WordPress theme, create something colorful and unique, so that your blog will be recognized at first glance, or at least within a few seconds. Make is personalized to reflect your personality or the content of the blog.

5. Be consistent! This is short and to the point: blog everyday! Or, at least once a week. Sometimes, it is best to blog on the same day of each week, if possible. This way, your readers will know when to expect to hear something new from you.

6. Don’t get discouraged if you are lacking traffic at first. It takes quite a while for a new blog to “get on its feet,” so to speak. The more posts you create, connections you make, and advertising you do for your blog, the more views it will receive. However, do not expect many at first. It takes time for a blog to be successful, so don’t give up!

7. Promote your blog through Twitter. Advertise yourself through Twitter! You never know who could be reading your tweets. Each time you create a new blog post, tweet a small teaser for it, and always include a link to your blog.

8. Write about things that are actually important. Although this seems cliche, people only want to read about something they are interested in, or something that creates conflict. People love to talk about themselves, so ask for their opinions in comments! This is much more interesting than discussing what you had for breakfast that morning.

9. Use infographics exensively. In my opinion, blog posts that do not have pictures, links, or videos are very boring! Break up the monotony by enhancing each post with creative fonts, pictures, links, and YouTube videos (if possible) that relate to your blog post. The reader is much more likely to stay on your blog page a lot longer!

10. Have fun! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have a perfect blog right away. As a beginner, you are bound to have a few blogging blunders at first, and you will definitely not have the most Googled blog within the first few months. Have realistic expectations, and have fun! Learn from your mistakes, make connections, and be open to improvement.