T-shirt company reveals the “heart”
behind the “trend” they are creating

Lakeland, Fla., April 24, 2010 – Heart Trend is an online T-shirt company that was established several months ago. They are currently in the process of implementing marketing strategies to make their name known, share the vision behind their company, and begin to make enough profit to send to organizations that battle the growing epidemic of human trafficking in the United States.

Kristen Hayes Behrens, co-founder and marketer for Heart Trend, is passionate about seeing Heart Trend expand and strengthen; not for the benefit of herself or the company, but to be a positive voice in the community, having an impact on the lives of young women through Heart Trend’s mission and founding goals.

Heart Trend was established with one idea in mind: to inspire girls in America to start a new trend of guarding their hearts and realizing their full value and worth, rather than giving every part of themselves away to any male that might show interest in them. Heart Trend believes that although it is not commonly spoken, many men in our culture today are careless in relationships, focusing only on their selfish needs and desires, without giving any regard to how their actions may effect the girl, or multiple girls, they begin a relationship with. These short-lived relationships typically end leaving the girl heartbroken, feeling empty and depleted after giving herself away, both emotionally and physically.

According to Heart Trend’s mission statement, “young women need to realize that they are too precious and valuable not to be loved and respected.” Heart Trend believes not in the rejection of love, but in the value of waiting for true, lasting love, without compromising or settling for anything less in the meantime. Heart Trend wants to encourage the young women in our society to no longer give themselves away, but to wait for someone who will treat them the way they deserve.

Kristen Behrens first heard of the idea for this company from her brother and founding owner of Heart Trend, Kyle Behrens. Instantly, she fell in love with the concept and mission behind Heart Trend, and was excited to immediately jump on board in developing this company. After Kristen Behrens decided to join her brother in helping launch Heart Trend, the company immediately turned into a family affair. Since Kristen was raised in a Christian family, and was blessed with close relationships with her two brothers, she has grown up understanding the value of having men in her life treat her well, and is passionate about sharing this with other young women, so they have the opportunity to understand how precious they truly are.

When asked why the concept of Heart Trend is so meaningful to her, Behrens responded, “Heart Trend is meaningful to me because it gives girls a chance to acknowledge the respect they deserve from guys.” Respect, which not many girls realize they should be treated with, needs to be the founding principle that any relationship is based off of.

Currently, Heart Trend is functioning out of New York, so Behren’s isn’t able to have as active of a role as she originally hoped. However, she spends a lot of her time marketing Heart Trend in any way she can, by making people aware of the company and encouraging them to buy shirts. In the future, the company hopes to re-locate to Lakeland, where they will continue to sell T-shirts online, and promote the company throughout the community, as well as draw awareness to the issue of human trafficking, supporting organizations such as Love146.

“People [need] to become more aware of the seriousness of human trafficking that happens throughout the world,” say Behrens. “It is a passion of our hearts at Heart Trend to do whatever we can to help those that are forced into such a terrible lifestyle. For us, as a company, we are currently focusing on trying to make enough money to support other companies that are currently helping those people.”

In the next few years, she [Behrens] hopes to see a good amount of the girls wearing the T-shirts, and that the “trend” of guarding their hearts will begin to catch on, so that the downward cycle of use, abuse, and heartbreak will drastically decrease.

In this photo, co-founder of Heart Trend, Kristen Behrens, wears one of the company’s first original designs, available on the company’s website.

This video features Love146, an organization promoting the awareness of human trafficking. This organization, among many others, will be supported by Heart Trend’s profits.