These notes are taken from Chapter 9, Public Opinion and Persuasion, in the text Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics.

Public Opinion has two popular definitions:

  • Public Opinion is the sum of individual opinions on an issue affecting those individuals
  • Public Opinion is a collection of views held by persons interested in the subject

Qualities of Opinion Leaders:

  1. Highly interested in a subject or issue
  2. Better informed on an issue than the average person
  3. Avid consumers of mass media
  4. Early adopters of new ideas
  5. Good organizers who can get other people to take action

Qualities of Influentials:

  1. Being active in the community
  2. Having a college degree
  3. Earning relatively high incomes
  4. Regularly reading newspapers and magazines
  5. Actively participating in recreational activities
  6. Showing environmental concern