These notes are taken from Chapter 5, Research, in the text Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics.

Research is very important in the field of Public Relations. PR professionals use research in the following ways:

  • To achieve credibility with management
  • To define audiences and segment publics
  • To formulate strategy
  • To test messages
  • To help management keep in touch
  • To prevent crises
  • To monitor the competition
  • To sway public opinion
  • To generate publicity
  • To measure success

Public Relations departments and firms use online databases in these ways:

  • To research facts and figures to support a proposed project or campaign that requires top management approval
  • To keep up-to-date with news about clients and their competitors
  • To track an organization’s media campaigns and competitor’s press announcements
  • To locate a special quote or impressive statistic for a speech or report
  • To track the press and business reaction to an organization’s latest actions
  • To locate an expert who can provide advice on an issue or a possible strategy
  • To keep top management apprised of current business trends and issues
  • To learn the demographics and attitudes of target publics