These notes are taken from Chapter 4, Public Relations Department Firms, in the text Public Relations Strategies and Tactics.

Today, Public Relations is expanding from its traditional functions to exercise its influence in the highest levels of management.

Public Relations is not a form of publicity and one-way communication, but a complex and dynamic process of negotiation and compromise with a number of key publics.

Having influence within a company is based on four factors:

  • Perception of value by top management
  • Practitioners taking on the managerial role
  • Reporting to the CEO
  • Number of years of professional experience
  • Relationships with others
  • Performance record
  • Persuasive skills with top executives
  • Professional expertise

Public Relations firms provide a variety of services:

  • Marketing communications
  • Executive speech training
  • Research and evaluation
  • Crisis communication
  • Media analysis
  • Community relations
  • Events management
  • Public affairs
  • Branding and corporate reputation
  • Financial relations