These notes are taken from Chapter 2, The Evolution of Public Relations, found in the text of Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics.

A History of Public Relations:

  • As old as communication itself
  • An ancient civilizations of Babylonia, Greece, and Rome, people were persuaded to accept the authority of government and religion through common Public Relations techniques: interpersonal communication, speeches, art, literature, staged events, and publicity
  • The Rosetta Stone contained the first news release carved in stone

Reasons why many women are in the field of Public Relations:

  • Women find PR work to be more welcoming and give more opportunities for advancement
  • Women make more money in PR than in comparable female-dominated fields
  • Women can start a PR firm without a lot of capital
  • Women tend to have better listening and communication skills than men
  • Women are more sensitive than men in 2-way communication