These notes are taken from Chapter 10, Conflict Management: Dealing With Issues, Risks, and Crises from the text Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics.

A Public Relations professional must develop communication strategies and processes to influence the course of conflicts to the benefit of the organization. Use of Public Relations to influence the course of a conflict is called strategic conflict management.

  • Key Components: Strategic, for the purpose of achieving popular objectives
  • Management: Planned deliberate action
  • Competition: Striving for the same object, position, and prize as others
  • Conflict: Sharp disagreements or opposition resulting in direct, overt threat of attack from another entity

When dealing with conflict and defending your company, keep in mind:

  • Your organization’s behavior must be honorable and defensible
  • Your organization is ethical
  • Your organization’s mission is worthy
  • Your advocacy of the organization has integrity
  • Your organization works at creating mutual benefit whenever possible