This week, I took the Five Steps to Media Storytelling course on the PoynterNewsU website. I found it to be very informative, and it was able to hold my interest throughout the course. Since I have always been interested in graphic design and photography, I really enjoyed learning about ways to incorporate alternative types of media into stories and blog posts.

One thing that particularly stood out to me while taking this course was the section Making a Storyboard. Since I never have really done this before, it was beneficial to learn what goes into creating a storyboard. Creating a storyboard is important, especially if you plan on using any type of digital media in your story. Doing so will help the story to remain organized, so that want you want to accomplish through your story is achieved as easily as possible.

The three steps that must be taken while creating a storyboard are:

  • Define the elements
  • Identify the media
  • Storyboard the concept

After these things are done, it is important to analyze your story and identify any potential holes in your story, while organizing your story and  finding a particular focus.

I was most surprised to learn how much time and preparation truly goes into creating a story, especially when media is used. Locating the media, laying it out throughout the story, and editing are all necessary parts of successfully implementing media into a story.

Next, I hope to learn more about the actual technical details of how to use the different types of media that can be placed within a story. I hope to become more proficient in photography, and begin to learn about film; including the actual process of filming, editing, and placing what is filmed into a story. I believe this is very important, especially since we are enterning into a digitally dominated culture.