After watching Barbara Nixon’s interview with Kneale Mann, I was inspired to blog a lot more. Before taking this class, I never realized how beneficial blogs can be for making connections with others in the public relations field. Kneale Mann has worked in the broadcast industry for many years, but has only just recently started blogging. This suprised me, but I was encouraged to continue blogging after hearing him discuss how truly important, valuable, and beneficial it is to maintain a blog, especially for those working in the media or public relations industry.

The biggest thing that stood out to me that Kneale discussed was that the best way to begin a blog is to just simply start writing, and to not be held back by lack of an audience or a specific topic for the blog to be about. I feel that not knowing what to write about, or feeling that I was not important enough to blog has held me back in the past. However, according to Mann, simply beginning to write about anything and everything is the first step towards a successful blog. Once this is confidently done, an audience and consistent theme of content will begin to be developed.