I have always believed that the technology that we have in our culture today is for a reason, and that if we collaborate together, huge things can be accomplished to change the world. Since we are able to communicate from one end of the globe to another within seconds through Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet in general, ideas are able to be spread instantly, and connections are able to be made. I was pleasantly suprised and excited when I heard about something incredible called Twestival through Mashable: The Social Media Guide. Since I would like to go into non-profit work through the field of Public Relations, this particular article definitely stood out to me and sparked immense inspiration.

Twestival, something that happens one day out of each year, is the collaboration and spreading of ideas for a social cause, via the element of Twitter. On this day, people across the globe share ideas of what specifically they would like to do to make a difference in the world, and they donate money to begin to make it happen. This year, all money donated will go towards an organization called Concern International, which is a “international, non-governmental humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing suffering and eliminating poverty since 1968.” This organization is founded under the mission to improve the lives of the very poorest people across the globe. While reading about this organization on their website, I was definitely energized to be moved toward action to join them and make a difference. Twestival chose this organization to support, and successfully raised $142,887.62 with their campaign, and over 4,000 Twitter-users participated. It was so encouraging to see that people are actually using social media to come together and make a difference!