Since I am an avid supporter and lover off all things Apple & Mac, this article that popped up this afternoon by someone I follow in Twitter caught my eye and sparked my interest. The article, written by Lauren Indvik, was entitled University to Provide iPads for All New Students, on the Mashable: The Social Media Guide website.

The article highlighted something that Seton University plans to do for all incoming Freshmen students beginning in Fall 2010: give away an iPad and 13″ MacBook to each student, as part of the tuition plan. I must admit, this made me a bit jealous, and I wished that my university would do something like this! Having access to such technology inside and outside of classes definitely can make working on homework and projects much more enjoyable and successful. However, I was a bit surprised that Seton University planned to give away both the laptop and the iPad. In some ways, I contemplated if this was just a publicity and marketing stunt by Apple to promote its iPad, which the effectiveness and necessity is currently being questioned by even the most enthusiastic Mac users. It is my personal opinion that giving students both items for “free” is a bit excessive.