These notes are taken from the chapter entitled Creating News Features and Op-Ed in the text: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.

The Value of Features:

  • Feature stories provide background information, generate human interest, and create understanding in a more imaginative way. Skills required are: intuition, image-making, and creativity
  • News-release writing requires logical analyzing and a sequential development of ideas
  • Feature stories are “soft-news,” and are less time sensitive than news stories

Types of Features:

  • Case Study: frequently used in product publicity, case studied often tell how individual customers have benefited from a company’s product or service, or how another organization has used the product or service to improve efficiency or profits
  • Application Story: similiar to the case study, the application study focuses primarily on how consumers can use a product or service in a new, innovative way.
  • Research Study: incorporating surveys, polls, and scientific outlines, providing more opportunities for information to be used for feature stories.
  • Backgrounder: focuses on a problem and how it can be solved by an organization or a product.
  • Personality Profile: profile the lives and management philosophies of successful CEO’s.