This NewsU class was by far my favorite that I have taken so far. Since I have always really enjoyed photography, this course was very interesting and informative to me. I hope to be able to use what I learned in my career by beginning to become more knowledgeable in the world of photojournalism as well as Public Relations.

The biggest thing that surprised me about this course was how much the technical aspects of photography really make an impact on the impression the photo gives on the viewer. There are many elements within taking a photo that are essential to know, since it will effect the whole mood and emotional response to the image that is seen.

I found that throughout all the photos and styles of images that I learned about in this course, I really enjoyed the ones that used dramatic lighting and had a subject that triggered an emotional response. Since I hope to go into missionary journalism when I graduate, I think that using both of these styles of photography will be most effective to accomplish what my vision is, with providing visual documentation of missions work and what goes on in other countries.

After taking this course, I am inspired to take more photography classes to become more knowledgeable and skillful of the art of photography.