When I was looking over the different options of podcasts for this assignment, the one entitled “Marketing Over Coffee” was the first to catch my attention, mainly because of the name of the podcast and my love for coffee. This particular episode was a special interview with Seth Godin. This was particularly interesting to me since I have read many of his books and have heard him speak several times at leadership conferences.

The topic of this podcast was about the leverage that technology holds over large media corporations. An example of this was the podcast itself, how it does not hold a lot of overhead, but still has the ability to be more successful than large media corporations that require a lot of money from it’s customers in order for it to be successful.

Seth Godin attributed social networking and media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and podcasts as art, and those who use it as artists. He defined art as the act of changing someone because you want to, not because you get paid to. He spoke on the fact that everyone has the ability to be an artist, and use these free outlets to share freedom and knowledge with a countless number of people.

The biggest thing that inspired me about this podcast was to be a real artist, and someone who really follows through with using the technology and resources that have been given to me. As Godin said, a good idea doesn’t really make any difference or have any effect unless it is followed through with. This encouraged me to no longer hold back when I get a good idea to blog about, etc., but to take a risk and follow through with it.

It is important for PR students to listen to podcasts by PR practitioners because they truly are storehouses filled with free, unlimited information. This is beneficial because it offers more real-life information that cannot be learned in PR classes at a university, but can only be learned through advice from someone actually working in the industry at the time.