Upon watching this interview with Martin Waxman, I was able to more clearly see the human side to the practice of Public Relations. Martin Waxman is the owner of  a Product PR firm in Canada, handling all PR needs for companies such as Olay, Herbal Essences, and several food companies in the Canada area. Actually hearing and seeing someone who works in this industry explain what they do on a daily basis was really eye-opening and interesting to me. Mr. Waxman had a very charismatic, friendly personality, which made him easy to listen to, and is undoubtedly a key component to his success in the Public Relations field.

The biggest thing I learned while listening to this interview was the stressed importance of using traditional and social media technology. Up to this point, I always knew that technology was very important within this field, but actually understanding the science behind this technology is essential. When applying for a job, I learned that a potential employer is not only curious to see if the applicant is able to use these social media technologies, but also if they have an understanding of the importance of exactly why these technologies are to be used, to benefit an business or organization. When using these technologies, Waxman made it clear that it is always important to conduct one’s self with simplicity, integrity, and energy. It is important to realize that everything that is said holds high meaning, as your digital reputation is being built.

I was surprised to learn about how important a media footprint truly is. It was interesting to hear Martin discuss stories of how quickly information can be spread through media technology (ie: blogs, twitter, etc.) and how a reputation, either postive or negative, can be built around an organization or business, simply based on what was said about them through social media. Also, it was interesting to realize that anything spoken or typed using social media is permanent, and can be searched for and revisited again, even years after it was first published.

After hearing this interview, I am inspired to learn more about social media, and become more intentional with what I write, post, and discuss, with the full understanding that through this outlet, I am building a resume and reputation for future employers to see.