Before I became a member of PR OpenMic, I was unaware of the immense amount of benefits that it held. It is an incredible resource for not only PR professionals, but for college graduates looking for a job, and students that are preparing to launch into the field of Public Relations.

PR OpenMic has a format very similar to Facebook. Users create a profile highlighting their interests, professional and educational background, past work experiences, and future career goals. Once this is done, users can search for others in the Public Relations industry, and make contacts and connections to aide them in future career moves.

The first feature I found to be very helpful on this site was the section for Jobs/Internships. It was very organized and provided a listing for countless jobs and internships that are currently available in the Public Relations field. This is beneficial for a recent graduate or student preparing to graduate, since it makes it easy for them to contact potential future employers about positions they are interested in. This category also provided links to outside sources that provided job listings and descriptions as well.

The next feature I found to be valuable was the Discussion Forum. Here, users are given an open format where they can ask questions or start discussions on certain topics related to Public Relations. This is extremely beneficial, and allows students and professionals to talk amongst themselves, share wisdom, make contacts, and collaborate ideas. I found some of the topics posted on this forum to be very interesting, and am looking forward to getting involved with some of the discussions in the near future.

Last, but certainly not least, I found  that the Blog section in PR OpenMic was full of extensive amounts of information. In this section, blogs from several of the PR OpenMic users are featured, for other users to easily find and gain insight from.

Although I am still fairly new to PR OpenMic, I am interested in using the program as a tool to make connections with more PR professionals, gaining insight from them as I venture into the world of Public Relations.