Chapter 5 reading notes, taken from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.

Tools for writing news releases:

  • A news release, also called a press release, is the backbone of almost every publicity plan
  • News releases are written to help organize and create and archive of organizational objectives
  • Mistakes in news releases:
    1. Failure to provide a headline
    2. Boiler-plate
    3. Spelling and grammatical errors
    4. Punctuational errors
    5. Hyperbole
    6. Documentation
    7. Contacts
    8. Too long of news releases
    9. Localize
    10. Be accessible at all times
  • It is important to understand the proper way to plan and create a news release
    1. Ask yourself basic questions of what you would like to accomplish through the story

    • Who, what, when, where, how

    2. Use proper AP style format

  • The parts of a traditional news release:
    1. Letterhead
    2. Contacts
    3. Dateline
    4. Headline
    5. Lead paragraph
    6. Body of text
    7. Short summary of the organization
  • Types of news releases:
    1. Announcements
    2. Spot announcements
    3. Reaction releases
    4. Bad news
    5. Local news