If I were to give advice to a PR student that was interviewing or creating their resume for a position in the Public Relations industry, I would first encourage them to narrow down their main goals, and be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, and setting a long-term career objective in their mind, they will most likely be able to more clearly know what they want to accomplish, and how they are able to benefit the company that they are applying to work with. By shooting their goals high, they will be able to continue to push themselves forward to it, until they reach that ultimate goal.

It will be important for them to spend a lot of time on their resume, and revise it many times before they send the final copy to the PR firm. Each resume they send should be tailored to the specific company they are applying for, highlighting the specific abilities and experience needed for each different company. No two resumes or cover letters should be the same, but should be unique based on the circumstance.

Before an interview, the student should be over-prepared. It is important to research in-depth into the company’s history, current standing, and future goals, since questions regarding that will most likely be asked. It’s also important for the student to realize that it is OK to not know all of the answers in an interview, and the company will respect humility and honesty.

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