Ways to avoid legal hassles:

  • Pay close attention to copyright laws1. Understand what organizational materials should be copyrighted
    2. Know how to correctly utilize the copyrighted materials
    3. Understand what is “public domain” that doesn’t need to be copyrighted
    4. Understand that even ideas and concepts must be copyrighted at times
  • Avoid libel and defamation.  “Libel is injury to reputation.”
    2. Avoid defamation charges by ensuring that all statements spoken are legitimate
    3. Do not confine precautions to  is printed or broadcasted in mass media
    4. Libel are words, pictures, or descriptions that bring shame to any person or organization
  • Use photo release and consent forms for all media that will be published
  • Don’t plagiarize, even slightly. Get permission and give credit even if ideas or concepts are being usedThese notes were taken from Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques.