Over the past 2 weeks, I have been exploring the world of Twitter. I had the opportunity to follow other students in my COMM 2322 class, and  various PR professionals. Over the past year, Twitter has merely been a entertaining and social outlet for me to stay in contact with my friends. However, as I used Twitter for this class, I realized the importance of using Twitter as a social networking tool. Following PR professionals gave me examples of how to use Twitter for business purposes, rather than just pleasure.

The most interesting thing I learned while using Twitter in this way is that it can be used to support various social awareness and non-profit causes, which is exactly my passion. I was made aware of several non-profit organizations that I was not familiar with, as I was linked directly to their websites via Twitter.

As I continue to use Twitter, I would like to learn how to word my Tweets in a more professional manner, to catch the attention of others working in the Public Relations field.