If I had the ability to go back in time, I would most likely travel to the 1940s, during the time of World War II. This time period has always fascinated me. I love the era’s music, the way people dressed, the culture, and the feeling of intense patriotism that pulsed through the veins of many Americans. Children and young adults growing up and living during this generation saw a lot of political, economic, and social changes throughout the years. Those involved in the Public Relations field had the opportunity to be directly involved in the transforming culture, by representing the changes and presenting them to the public.

I think it would be interesting to work in the field of Public Relations during this time for multiple reasons. First, I think it would be interesting to be part of the development of a new PR tactic. Propaganda, as used in Public Relations, was implemented during the time of the war. Propaganda was not only used  to promote the war effort in America and cover what was occurring overseas, but also to create anti-German hysteria among Americans. Propaganda, coming from the Latin word propagand, means “that which ought to be spread.” Edward Bernays, and Walter Lippman; the creators of propaganda, used this tactic to control public opinion on a large scale.

I also find this time period interesting because of the intense cultural changes that occurred during this time. Since many of the men were overseas fighting in the war, the women had to stay on the home front and begin to work and provide for their families. Because these were such large social changes, culture was dramatically affected even after the war was over, and still is to this day.